What is KASE Scenarios?

KASE Scenarios will teach you real OSINT skills using fun and engaging scenarios developed by seasoned analysts and trainers.

  • IMMERSIVE - Stories and media inspired by thrilling real-world crimes and mysteries offer a one-of-a-kind OSINT training experience.

  • HANDS-ON - Work at your own pace to solve exciting cases and develop analytical and critical thinking skills to prepare you for working on actual investigations.

  • REALISTIC - Learn techniques and methods that will prepare you for the OSINT industry.

What people are saying

“Dark Waters is the first scenario-based OSINT training that I've ever done. Despite it being their first scenario, it looks polished and the story is interesting. I struggled with some questions, but that also showed me I needed to review my notes in order to solve a challenge. All in all this was a very pleasant experience and I can't wait to see what follows in the future!”


“Through Kase' scenario training I was able to experience what it's like doing actual case work and practice my skills in a real-world scenario. With this training I feel more prepared for my first role in the OSINT and digital investigations industry”

Casey K

“"I had a blast working through the Dark Waters scenario! The scenario challenged me in many different ways and it sure made me think outside the box. I definitely recommend this scenario to others!"”

Haris Q

“Even with years of experience in the industry I like to practice my skills and challenge what I already know. Through this training I was challenged on both things I already knew and new areas that I'm interested in. The scenarios Kase provide are very realistic and I felt very immersed in the story as I worked on the solving the tasks they challenged me with. ”

Samantha S

“I had a blast going through my first scenario! Taking on the role of an investigative journalist, I was able to learn OSINT techniques through the story-driven platform through an immersive experience. Overall, the training was both fun and interesting, and really built my confidence in applying these techniques in actual investigations. Really looking forward to working my next "Kase!"”

Brandon O

“"Dark Waters is by far the most complex OSINT task I have ever finished.... Despite the fact that it is a "fictional" scenario it is of a complexity never seen before. During the investigation we will step into the shoes of the journalist "Alec Wolfe" called to investigate a "malevolent" company that will try in every way to cover its tracks and "disincentivize" us in any way (even with threats). Of course, the success of the investigation will depend solely on us and our OSINT skills”

Mattia V.

“I have always been a fan of detective novels, and despite my absorption in the plot and fascination with the deductive abilities of the detective, I was always just a passenger in this trip. OSINT abilities give you the opportunity to try your hand at being such a detective. Dark Waters case scenario enables you to use those skills, learn new ones and have your own portion of satisfaction when you step into the shoes of journalist Alec Wolfe and try to uncover inconvenient secrets surrounding small rural town. The scenario is immersive and demands being constantly open-minded, curious and...patience...because sometimes frustration takes over when you don't have a clue where to look for answers ;) I highly recommend this scenario and ;looking forward to the next challenges along new investigations :) ”

Szymon Temecki